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Multi-Camera Indoor / Outdoor

Live Streaming & Studio Recording

Live Streaming plays an integral part in the digital media landscape, enabling real-time content to be distributed online directly to your own audience. PRO.STREAM deliver high quality, multi-camera live streams. If you would like LIVE coverage for your event, please get in touch.

Pro.Stream Studio

What We Do

  • Plan Your Event

  • Arrange a Meeting

  • Collaborative Planning

  • Book your Production Date
Live Production
  • Live Streaming

  • Studio Recordings

  • Multi-Camera Setup

  • Highlights on Location

  • File Delivery

  • Snippet Editing

  • Highlights Editing

  • Online Distribution


We deliver outstanding, multi-camera live streams for indoor, or remote outdoor, sport events

Pro.Stream Sport Showreel
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We deliver corporate live streams, live conference highlights and polished studio recordings